Trips 'n Treks
Trips with Russell have become fascinating because not only does he know the area, but he knows many different approaches and county roads that are not on everyone's maps.  When he finds an interesting landmark, he jots down the GPS readings for future references.
He also has a lot of stories that need telling.

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Click below photo to join Russell at the Railroad Tunnel and trestle and other sites.
The Tunnel is reached from Hwy 23N past Holiday Island and taking a right at CR 220 and approx 1 1/2 miles take a right on CR 250.
The Trestle is locatged 1.2 miles west of the tunnel along the Railroad Right-of-Way.
The Old House Foundation is located on an old raad near the tunnel entrance having a Spring Box and a Well.
 The last photos show the WYE at Hwy 23N and Livingston Hollow, situated 2miles north of Eureka.

Click below photo to join Russell on trip to Hogscald Hollow.
To access Hogscald Hollow, take Hwy 23S, then take a right at CR 108 -- and one mile further, take a left on CR 148 which is Hogscald Road.  First encountering the Bowls, then the Falls, the Slane House on the Ridge and at the road's end, the Lake.
The Park and Boat Launch is accessed from Hwy 23S to Hwy 12, take west toward Rogers -- when Hwy 12 turns left, contine straight on Hwy 127 and take a Right on to Capps Ranch Road to the end.  Above on the Ridge is John Slane's house.

Click below photo to join Russell on trip to Pension Mountain's Red School House and Cemetery.  Also, Rock General Store.
Access to Pension Mountain is by way of Rockhouse Road and take a left on CR 221 to CR 501 where the Red School House is located with vandalism evident.  
The Cemetery is at CR 507 and CR 523 along the Kings River.
The former General Store is on CR 327 showing great deterioration and stolen rocks since Russell's last trip there in 2007.

Click below photo to join Russell on a trip to Monte Ne
Monte Ne is situated SE of Rogers

See the unexpected visitor in the two frames below?

Click below photo to visit the Elks Ranch area
A Railroad trestle crossing the stream can be seen through the wooded area lining Mockingbird Lane.
The Skelton House dates to the Civil War when duriing a skirmish, the four Confederates that were killed were buried in the yard.  A Tomb Stone can be seen resting against a tree.

Still more trips which have not yet been posted -- are on the way!

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